Thanks for a great first day of XC Ski fun on January 10th..

Also, thanks for your cooperation with the equipment pass out and following COVID-19 safe practices!  The wind prevented us from our original set up plan, but you all made it work!  Our order of donated little poles just arrived from Rossignol and we switched some of the bigger kids poles, along with a few pairs of boots, so hopefully everyone will be fitted better!
We started off for our soft beginning with seventeen skiers, ages 4-12, and for some it was their first time skiing, everyone did great!!!  We also had four coaches and several parent and grandparent helpers which made it work!  
We really hope to ski again on Sunday... you will receive an email Sunday morning with details if we can still ski, because as you likely have all heard, there WILL (100 percent) be precipitation on Saturday.
Of course, we want that to be SNOW so we can set a track and maybe even ski in the woods!  However, depending on temperature it could also be the “R” word, and we don’t want it to be that to wash away our two-inch deep cover in the stadium!
Stay tuned!
In the meantime if you have any questions, concerns, suggestions... please reach out via email, and if you prefer to chat, leave your phone number and we’ll call you in between snow dancing!

Thank you Volunteers