bob arsenaultFebruary 16, 2021:

Bob Arsenault. Bob is the lead entries and results guy in our organization. Doing both alpine and Nordic races Bob has done races from US Nationals down to the Bill Koch Festival and everything in between. Bob lives in Mexico and has a wife Lisa and 2 children Joe and Brian. Bob is a controls engineer in real life.


1. Favorite ski area? All of them.

2. Pets at home? None

3. Favorite race at Black Mt.?  Sassi

4. Job at events? Race timer.

5. Best Black Mt. memory? Sassi Race/ Learning ski patrol.

6. Do you still ski? Yes

7. Who started you skiing? Greg Poirier

8. How long have you been a club member?

9. Red or brown hot dogs? Red with Ketchup in memory of Harvey Manson.

10. Dream ski trip? Ireland/ Sugarloaf

Thank you Volunteers