dan warnerJanuary 31, 2021:

Dan Warner has been skiing at the Mountain for 57 years. A long time ski jumper and 4 event skier in his Jr. years, Dan has done about every job there is to do at Black Mountain, even cooking for weddings an dinners a few years ago in the summer. His mantra is "Someone did it for me", meaning there were folks that ran races, set courses, packed ski jumps, coached to unable me to do all of those things, so I do those things now!

1. Favorite ski area? All the little guy's Black, Spruce, Titcomb, Lost Valley etc.

2. Pets at home. None

3. Favorite race at Black Mt.? Telstar Schuss

4. Job at events? Starter on the alpine hill and xc trail crew.

5. Best Black Mt. memory? In 1975 on the 60 meter jump I pound one down to the pit and slapped in a great telemark. The crowd roared!  In first place after that jump I choked on the second jump and came in 5th. So Sad!

6. Do you still ski. Yes

7. Who started you skiing. My Dad

8. how long have you been a club member? 57 years

9. Red or brown dogs? Red with mustard.

10. Dream ski trip? French Alps

Thank you Volunteers