cindy kelleyDecember 6, 2020:

Cindy Kelley, lives in Mexico and is our club treasurer. She also works in the race office handing out race bibs and other tasks. A key cog in our event day team that makes things go smoothly. She has a daughter Erin and has been accountant her whole life.

1.Favorite ski area? Black Mt.

2. Pets at home? None

3. Favorite race at Black Mt.? Sassi

4. Job at events? Works in the race office.

5. Best Black Mt. memory? Erin learning to ski.

6. Do you still ski? No

7. Who started you skiing? No one but is glad Erin and grand kids enjoy the Mt.

8.How long have you been a club member? 25 years

9. Red hot dogs or brown? Red with ketchup'

10. Dram ski trip?  Anyplace in Colorado, would be a fun winter trip, someone can chose.

Thank you Volunteers