fred baileyNovember 29, 2020:

Fred has made a mark in the ski world as he is the Eastern Officials Chair. He does the TD assignments for all of the Eastern XC races and runs clinics and helps TD'S understand rules and regs.. He also a FIS Inspector as he is able to certify ski trails for FIS events. A very lofty position. Fred is also a high level ski coach and has run several summer programs for our local skiers. Fred still is a competitive racer. Another excellent resource for our club.

Fred lives in Andover, Maine and works at the Gem and Mineral Museum in Bethel.

1. Favorite ski area? Akers Trails in Andover.

2. Pets at home? None

3. Favorite race at BM? 2007 Eastern Cup Skating race.

4. Job at events? Usually on the race course trail crew, setting tracks and course set up.

5. Best BM memory? Skiing to Swain Pond with Sue Long.

6. Do you still ski? Yes

7. Who started you skiing? My grandpa.

8. How long have you been a club member? 18 years.

9. Red or Brown hot dogs? Red with mustard.

!0. Dream ski trip? Canmore BC Canada

Thank you Volunteers