carlie caseyNovember 22, 2020:

Carlie Casey is a valuable member of the ski club with his official's credentials. He was a long time West Coast TD before moving East. As a FIS TD he has been around the world working ski races and not only helps our club but is a key cog in the Bethel Trails program. You can find him in the XC stadium helping with set and design or on the trail making sure the rules are followed. A great resource for the ski club!

Carlie lives in Bethel with his wife Charleen and has 3 children Jessie, Colin and Cameron. Carlie has practiced psychology for many years.

1. Your favorite ski area? Craftsbury, Vt.

2. Pets at home? None

3. Favorite BM race? Sassi

4.Job at events? Either TD, Course control or Chief of Comp.

5.Best BM memory? Night skiing, and going to the hill in his dads Saab with his 6 sibs.

6.Do you still ski? Yes

7. Who started you skiing? My folks.

8. How long have you been a club member? 20 years

9. Red or brown hot dogs? Red with mustard and relish.

10. Dream ski trip? To ski the entire length of Norway. I have done parts but not all of it.

Thank you Volunteers