roger arsenaultNovember 15, 2020: Roger is the Chair of the Black Mountain Board and also a leading member of the Chisholm Ski Club. He not only looks out for the best interest of the Mountain, but is the leader of the alpine racing programs and does many jobs including timing, course setting and a multitude of other things on the slopes. He also is help with the XC races as he is on the trail crew setting tracks and marking courses, and 20 other things. Roger also knows how to shake the money tree with his contacts with the Chamber of Commerce. The Mountain  is lucky to have him around!

Roger lives in Rumford with his wife Barbara, he has two sons Steve and Brian and is one of the owners of Community Energy plumbing and heater company.

1. Favorite ski area? Black Mtn.

2. Pets at home? None

3. Favorite race at BM? Telstar Schuss

4. Job at events? You name it.

5. Best BM memory? Getting his family skiing there.

6. Do you still ski? Yes

7. Who started you skiing? Uncle Armand Arsenault

8. How long have you been a club member? 60 years.

9. Red or Brown hot dogs? Red with Mustard and relish.

10. Dream ski trip? Chichock in Canada and Utah.

Thank you Volunteers