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mpa colored logoMt. Blue's Emma Charles won the opening race of the Maine Principals Association's State Nordic Championships at Black Moutain of Maineemma charles classical on February 23rd. With temperatures in the 50's and a steady rain the night before the race, the course was challenging for course grooming, waxing, and skiing. Despite all that, the 5k Classical Race was a good one, with Charles continuing her success on the John Roderick Trail System, fihishing the course in 18:40.3. The Cougars dominated with events, with Charles and her teammates taking 5 of the top 6 positions.

Mt. Blue's Brynne Robbins second place time was 19:47.4. Teammate Moriah Reusch will also be on the podium as she crossed the finish in 20:22.2. Cougar Nroa McCourt came in fourth with a time of 20:38.6. Leska Whitmarsh of Cheverus High School broke the streak, finishing the race in 20:39 to take 5th place. Bridget Reusch of Mt. Blue took 6th with a time of 20:43.1. 

Tomorrow's race in a 5k Freestyle Pursuit, with Charles starting out 1 minute 7.1 seconds ahead of Robbins and the rest of the skiers, who will be in pursuit. The course has been changed from today's course, eliminating "High School Hill" in anticipation of icy and fast conditions. Charles is schedule to leave the stadium at 11:00 am.

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