chisholm logo 120Welcome to Black Mountain of Maine. Helping us with a few simple expectations while at the area and on the mountain will help us conduct a great competitive event and make your race experience at Black Mountain of Maine more enjoyable for you and everyone at the mountain.

Race Date:     January 15th, 2018

Event:          One Run Giant Slalom followed by One Run Slalom

Start Time:     10:00 am.


8:55               Team Captains Meeting (Conference Room)

9:00               Giant Slalom Inspection

9:50               Inspection closed/Hill closed from start down

9:55               Forerunners

10:00               1st Run - Giant Slalom

After completion of 1st run – Start time of Slalom run will be announced          

TBA                    Forerunners

TBA                    2nd Run – Giant Slalom

TBA                    Awards

Team Captain’s Meeting

Each competing school must have a coach representative in attendance at the Team Captain’s Meeting. Located in Conference Room of Main Lodge

Run Order:

Please send your run order to Bob Arsenault This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 1/13/2018 8PM.

Lift Tickets and Bib Pickup

All athletes and coaches must have a lift ticket. Lift Tickets and bibs will be handed out in the ticket office on the first level of the lodge or in front of the fire place on the middle level. Race fee is $18.00/racer. Checks need to be made payable to "Black Mountain of Maine". Black Mountain of Maine will provide comp tickets for the coach and assistant coach of each team.

Liability Forms

Each athlete must have a signed Liability Form in order to compete. Only one needed for the season.

Skiing or riding on the race hill

Skiing or riding on the race hill between the race start and the bottom of the hill will be limited to coaches, course crew.


TBA at the team captains meeting.

Race bibs

Racer bib must be visible at all times.


Unofficial Results and Disqualifications will be posted on the score board near the finish corral shortly after the completion of the 2nd run. A 15 minute protest period will then start.


Present your protest to the official (in writing with a $50 deposit) in or near the Alpine Timing Building next to the finish line during the protest period. All results are final when protest period is complete.

Start Lists, Live Timing & Results

Available at


In the event the athletes ride the t-bar, we ask that athletes ride the T-bar all the way to the top unloading area. Do no exit the lift before reaching the top. Athletes are asked to stay in the tracks while on the T-Bar. If the T-bar is derailed due to swerving the race will be over.

Hill clean-up

Following the last racer of the 2nd run, we ask everyone’s help in clearing the hill and getting all gates and course equipment to the timing building.

Results will be announced after the hill has been cleared of all gates, equipment and B-netting. Please, everyone pitch in and help, each team will be responsible for rolling one section of B-net. Results will be announced upstairs in the main lodge 20 minutes following race completion.

We hope you have fun and wish you the best of luck.

Thank you Volunteers