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chisholm logo 72hTo make sure that we can provide a safe, inclusive and valuable FUN experience for all involved, the Youth Development Program's start has been delayed.
COVID-19 cases are at an all time record high for the state of Maine and pool testing in schools and rapid testing at home and at local pharmacies have many barriers at this time, including accessibility and availability and the timing of turn around results.  Because of this, and really frigid temperatures which have frozen the available natural snow we have in the stadium…
We are postponing the start to our program until Sunday, January 23rd at noon for fitting of equipment with actual skiing to follow.
Also, the weather suggests we may get a great natural snowstorm (like the type to stay home and make a snowman or ski!) on Monday, Martin Luther King Day.  Please remember the birth of this great African American Leader and his work, and may we all take space to consider the work we all can for racial equality.  
The following weekend could provide great conditions as the snow can be groomed and tracked and safe for littles, no one wants to ruin a great day of skiing with icy conditions and falls, or cold fingers and toes!
We hope to see you all on the 23rd for fun on SNOW and in an outdoor COVID-19 friendly atmosphere.
Please remember to follow all CDC guidelines, and if you’re sick stay home, and if you are indoors in Muriel’s Kitchen (where the bathroom is) race headquarters or in our new awesome building, please wear a mask, for the safety of our friends and family, but mostly for the generation of CSC members who are volunteering.  
We want to ski soon! Let’s make this happen!
Volunteer CSC coaches,
Erin Haynes, FPMH-NP (Reply to me via this email)
Daniel Warner
Lynn Gould
Ashley Black, RN 
Jill Bartash, Principal of RES 

Thank you Volunteers