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chisholm logo 72hJosua Smith, skiing for Mt. Blue HS, won the high school men's Black Mountain Slalom Race on February 18th with times of 42.93 and 43.92 for a two-run total of 1:26.85. Quinn Breen of John Bapst came in second, finishing the competition with a 1:26.96. Third place went to Jack Gilbert of Spruce Mountain, who had a two-run total of 1:33.05.

In the women's race, Jaden Boulanger captured gold with times of 47.03 and 49.24 for a combined 1:36.27 total. Edward Little's Courtney Larson grabbed the second spot with a two-run total of 1:37.78, while Sadie MacDonough of Mt. Blue took the final podium position with a 1:38.86 combined score.

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