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john roderick marathon coloredKassandra Nelson, skiing for the University of Presque Isle, won the women'sCassandra Nelson 2020 10 Classical Race at the 8th Annual John Roderick Marathon at historic Black Mountain of Maine on February 15, 2020. Neson completed the two laps in 41:14.t to capture the gold. Taking the silver was Nelson's teammate Leinani Farnsworth with a time of 41:51.5. The bronze medal went to Mullein Francis of the University of Maine Farmington in 48:18.8.Conner Nilsen 2020

In the Women's 10k Freestyle race, Amy Gunn of Black Water Henniker crossed the finish line in 38:32.9 to take top honors. Second place went to Cipperly good of Northwest Vermont with a time of 49:23.0.

The Men's 10k Classical was won by Conner Nilsen of UMPI by striding across the finish in 31:10.3. Isaiah Reid of UMF took the silver with a time of 31:15.9, while Jason Labbee of UMF took the last podium spot with a time of 32:44.5.

The 10k Men's Freestyle race was won by Charlie Gunn in 31:49.3.

Several racers also competed in the 5-lap 25k race. In the women's Freestyle, Molly Siegel of nearby Bethel, Maine won the gold with a time of  1:33:07.6. The silver medal was won by Charlotte Gross of Agamenticus Dover with a time of 1:35:41.0. The bronze medal winner was Carole Clermont of Hermenegile, Quebec with a time of 1:39:56.0.

In the Men's 25k Classical, Mark Lena won the gold.

Albans, Vermont's Tyler Magnan won the Freestyle 25k men's division with a time of 1:17.01. Right behind his was Nathan Moreau of Portland capture the silver in 1:18.25.7. Third place went to Dennis Page of Enfield, NH with a time of 1:21:28.4.

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